Breather for Google, Order 'recall' power for CCI

Pratibha Jain (Partner, Competition Law Practice, Nishith Desai Associates)

SC puts directors ‘on notice’ over cheque dishonouring

Apurv Sardeshmukh (Partner, Legasis Partners)

Analyzing contentious issues in Holding-Subsidiary relationship

Arun Palkar, Corporate Consultant

Digitization of Indian Trade Mark Registry – A step in right direction!

V.C. Mathews (Senior Associate, Sujata Chaudhri IP Attorneys)

Secretarial Standards – Tool for good Corporate Governance

Milind Kasodekar, Practising CS & Member, Secretarial Standards Board (ICSI)

Directors beware - No leaves please!

Apurv Sardeshmukh (Partner, Legasis Partners)

COMPAT Declares BCCI Not-Out On Appeal

Pratibha Jain (Partner, Competition Law Practice, NDA)

Bombay HC solves a Patent Ownership Tussle!

Mustafa Safiyuddin (Chairman, Legasis Partners)

Solving Depreciation Complexities under Schedule II

Niketa Agarwal (Chartered Accountant)

Critical appraisal of new e-voting norms

Prashant Vaishampayan (Practising CS)


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