Angel Tax for Start-ups - DCF creating a hullaballoo?

Smarak Swain, IRS

A taxing 'Corporate Social Responsibility' for Companies under GST?

Nilesh Vasa (Associate Partner, Tax & Regulatory Services, EY India)

Deemed dividend amendments: Companies Act and accounting dimensions

Ketan Dalal (Managing Partner, Katalyst Advisors LLP)

Budget 2018: PMLA – Government’s magic wand against launderers of illegal money

Sudarshan Rangan (Advocate)

Gifts and Inheritances received by NRIs - FEMA and Tax Issues

Ketan Dalal (Managing Partner, Katalyst Advisors LLP)

What Forensic Auditors Should Look For in Shell Companies

Smarak Swain, IRS

Outbound Mergers – Yet another impetus for buoyant M&A market in India?

Rajesh S. Athavale (Head, Direct Taxation, JMP Advisors Private Limited)

“Tata” to the Public Limited Companies

Apurv Sardeshmukh (Partner, Legasis Partners)

GST on license and assignments of copyrights, patents and trademarks

Mr. M.V. Swaroop (Advocate, MVS Chambers)

‘The Interconnect’ : Business Combinations - A Tryst with Taxation

Ketan Dalal (Managing Partner, Katalyst Advisors LLP)


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